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EPIC-based SBC runs Linux

— Nov. 30, 2007 — Axiomtek has released a fanless system based on one of its EPIC form-factor single-board computer (SBC) designs. The wall-mountable eBox600-FL is designed for applications such as digital signage or industrial control, and runs Linux, according to the company. ...
12/7/2007 6:20:26 PM

UT3 Dedicated Linux Server "Very Soon"

Beyond Unreal has the scoop that the dedicated Linux server for UT3 will be released "very soon"....
12/7/2007 5:43:41 PM

Who Needs Linux Support?

The Linux OS is free, but that doesn't mean it won't cost you more than pocket change to keep it working in your office. Depending on which of the many consumer or enterprise flavors you select, the price tag for support can range from your own invested hours scouring community help forums to spending thousands of dollars per month in IT salaries or third-party support.
12/7/2007 6:09:03 AM

Novell Ships SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time 10

Dec. 7, 2007 -- Novell recently announced the availability of SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time 10, the latest version of Novell's enterprise open source real-time operating system.
12/6/2007 11:02:00 PM

Embedded Linux Seen as Ready For Prime Time

Two years of study across hundreds of projects by over 1,300 developers suggests that Linux's time is here.
12/6/2007 9:22:49 AM

Linux finds favour with enterprise

As a server platform, Linux is no longer an unsupportable, risky proposition for most companies, but many can't yet cut their ties with Windows
12/6/2007 7:46:44 AM

Top Linux Developer Joins Linux Foundation

Ted Ts'o, a top IBM Linux developer, will be spending the next two years working with the Linux Foundation on the Linux Standard Base.
12/6/2007 6:31:49 AM

Linux Magazine Annual Security Survey 2007

Get the facts you need to make the choice between Windows and Linux. Click on the case study of your choice to download:
12/6/2007 6:22:48 AM

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 on IBM System p

SearchEnterpriseLinux: "Recently we discussed some of the benefits of running Linux on an IBM System p.
12/6/2007 1:40:28 AM

Microsoft feeling heat from Linux in budget flash PC market

In response to growing adoption of Linux by manufacturers of budget, flash-based PCs like the Asus Eee PC and OLPC, Microsoft has announced plans to increase support for Windows XP on such devices. Read More...
12/5/2007 11:26:43 PM

ESET erweitert Malware-Schutz für Linux-Umgebungen

Der Anti-Malware-Anbieter ESET bringt drei neue Linux-Lösungen auf den Markt, die Mittelständlern und großen Firmen effektiven Schutz für Gateway, File- und Mail-Server bieten sollen, ohne die Netz-Performance ...
12/5/2007 9:54:59 AM

Real-time Linux launched by Red Hat

Runs whole warships. Red Hat has launched a real-time version of Linux, aimed at applications needing predictable responses, from process control to financial market traders.
12/5/2007 7:19:19 AM

Red Hat Fleshes Out Linux Automation Strategy

Red Hat will today unveil its first product in the Linux Automation strategy for enterprise, with standards-based transaction messaging, a real-time kernel, and a grid computing capability.
12/5/2007 12:44:15 AM

Red Hat announces real-time additions to Linux

Red Hat has launched a "real-time" addition to its Linux operating system, which it claims will make some features run 100 times faster than rival technologies.
12/4/2007 9:18:26 PM

SteelEye Expands Protection to Include Oracle Enterprise Linux

SteelEye Technology announced that Oracle Enterprise Linux joins Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and Asianux as supported Linux operating platforms for SteelEye, LifeKeeper, and SteelEye Data Replication. SteelEye Data Replication for Linux leverages open source features contributed by SteelEye into the 2.6 Linux kernel to provide both host-based volume replication ...
12/4/2007 1:53:45 PM

Linux Kernel Developer Ted Ts'o Joins Linux Foundation as Chief Platform Strategist

"The Linux Foundation (LF), the nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating the growth of Linux, today announced that Linux kernel filesystem maintainer Ted Ts'o is joining the organization as a Fellow and chief platform strategist.
12/4/2007 11:37:49 AM Beta Software Delivery Service Released For Desktop Linux

"Linspire, Inc., developer of the commercial Linspire and Freespire community desktop Linux operating systems, today announced the launch of beta, a free standardized Web 2.0-based Linux software delivery service for desktop Linux users worldwide.
12/4/2007 9:24:23 AM

Hidden Linux: Graphics Envy

"Installing proprietary graphics drivers on Linux has always been a bit of a pain, and not something to inflict on nervous newcomers. Still, it's the only way to get the very best out of your graphics hardware, and both NVida and ATI have active Linux driver support programmes.
12/4/2007 5:39:00 AM

Search for embedded Linux patents

In many cases, "free" isn't really free. As an electrical engineer with an automotive background, when I think of Linux, I think of servers, PCs, supercomputers, and so forth. Embedded applications don't really come to mind when I consider Linux.
12/4/2007 5:31:11 AM

Red Hat Finally Nears Real-Time Linux Launch

After years of pushing real-time features in Linux, Red Hat announces its own platform with messaging and "cycle-stealing" grid tech thrown in.
12/3/2007 11:42:40 PM

Asus Eee 701 vs. Nokia N810--Linux Fight!

"It's that time. Linux vs. Linux. 800x480 vs. 800x480. Mobile vs. Mobile. Slider slate tablet vs. Clamshell notebook. Fight! "The first thing to address: Are these two devices truly competitors? The answer is yes--but only to consumers who don't know what they REALLY want.
12/3/2007 7:09:21 PM

North, South Korea Unite Over Linux

The bitter political foes will team with China on the project, tentatively named "Hana Linux"
12/3/2007 1:31:45 PM

Are all Linux distributions created equally?

Would a Linux distribution by any other name smell as sweet? Probably.
12/3/2007 7:11:16 AM

Linux Blog Safari: Asus's eeePC and the GPL, Linux in 2008

With all the buzz about Android starting to settle down, and the respite from it all afforded by Thanksgiving, the last few weeks have felt a little more mellow in the Linux blogs. One topic that did generate some passionate attention, however, was the question of whether Asus's new eeePC subnotebook might violate the GNU General Public License.
12/3/2007 6:15:35 AM

Linux vs. iPod 1-0

"After two years of fightings and trial and errors today I was finally able to rip, encode and store entirely from Linux, and without using iTunes, and aac audio on my iPod nano (silver, 2G, with a nice 'GNU Classpath Developer' message on the back).
12/3/2007 4:09:21 AM

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