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What is Google Analytics Intelligence?

Thursday, 19th November 2009
by XFactoid

Today I logged into my Google Analytics account and saw a new link branded Intelligence which seems to have an alert system. What is Analytics Intelligence and how can it benefit me?

Google Analytics Intelligence is a new alert based system that Google has added into users' Analytics accounts to automatically monitor your website's traffic and alert you of anything that it determines to be significant and away from the norm.

Aside from saving time Intelligence allows you to get notified of things that you may have normally missed that could be important to the running of your website business. The alerts are automated so nothing needs to be done on your end, however, you are also able to create and customize your own alerts to better target information specific to your needs and are available for daily, weekly and monthly

Alerts are provided for daily, weekly and monthly data which can optionally be emailed to you making you aware of occurrences without the need to login to your Analytics account each time.

Google features a two minute video teaching you how to interpret the information provided by Intelligence which can be found here as well as a list of answers to common questions found here



Tuesday, 24th November 2009

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